Survived: NAB 2007

April 21, 2007

vossNAB (National Association of Broadcasters), described as “The World’s Largest Electronic Media Show”, was this past week in Las Vegas. We took a group of eight people this year and had a great time. We probably walked over 10 miles a day, filled our brains with more tech talk than we could handle, ate too much, and lost some of our hearing. Some of the highlights from Vegas:

– Visiting the Renewed Vision booth, four times! I think we spent at least 2 hours total talking with these guys. They sell Mac software for worship presentation, lyrics, videos, etc. Check them out here.
– Getting a personalized tour of the Digico mixing console*
– Another personalized tour of Yamaha’s LS-9, M7C, and PM5D digital mixing consoles (we liked the LS-9 for its features and affordability)*
– A personal tour of Aviom, personal monitoring systems*
– The Technologies for Worship pavilion, where they had a live band playing through the Aviom & Digico systems – this was so cool because you could actually put headphones on and create your own personal mix via the Aviom mixer
– The Vista Systems booth, where we checked out a product called “The Spyder” – a very cool (and expensive) solution for video presentation
– The Sony booth (if you can call over 4,000 square feet of gear a booth), where the sales people only spoke Japanese, huh?
– Paying $12.75 for a deli sandwich, $10 for a warm cheeseburger, and $3 for bottled water
– Karl’s $5 bottle of Voss Water (which he didn’t want, and didn’t like)
– Catching Phoenix, an amazing rock cover band, at the New York, New York
– Riding the Desparado at State Line
– Riding the Roller Coaster at New York, New York
– Some really funny stuff on the ride home that I can’t remember because I was so tired

*Special thanks to Greg Smith and the gang at Spectrum Design Group for walking us through the demo’s at NAB

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2 Responses to “Survived: NAB 2007”

  1. Chris Stout Says:

    I love ROLLER COASTERS! Just thought I would put that in there. I really enjoyed the NAB and look forward to going back next year. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch some better seminars and some awesome deals! After we get moved into the new building, can we do a very scaled down version of the Technologies for Worship program? I think that would be fun!

  2. jen mcI had a great timein vegas lean Says:

    For the record…….Chris Stout DOES NOT like roller coaster’s!!! Ha ha I had a great time laying out by the pool …. Thanks everyone!!!

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