Praise the Lord, I saw the Light!

May 20, 2007


Well, we did it. 4 acoustic guitars, a mandolin, bass & drums, plus 3-part harmony. It was an acoustic week to remember – I think it was like bluegrass-acoustic-power-speed metal. It was Eagles reunion at Life Church minus the Eagles. As soon as we broke into “I saw the Light”, people were stoked, clapping, singing & dancing – there is something about this music that makes you smile. As Karl so beautifully put it, “I was getting sad when we were playing ‘I’ll Fly Away’ during second service because I knew it would be the last time we would be playing it”. It was a blast, so much fun, and so much work, but totally worth it to share the joy that God has put in our hearts through music. It was a good day. Thanks to Rob, Eric, Gene, Rich, Karl, & Jen for their talent and great attitudes! Here is the set list:

I’ve Always Loved You – Third Day
I Saw the Light – Hank Williams
Not to Us – Chris Tomlin
Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
We Exalt Thee – Pete Sanchez
I Love You Lord – Laurie Klein
I’ll Fly Away – Albert E Brumley

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4 Responses to “Praise the Lord, I saw the Light!”

  1. Chris Stout Says:

    Don’t forget to mention that the police showed up during practice! That immediately meant that it was going to be awesome! He said you sounded great!

  2. eric Says:

    I played music for a funeral on Tuesday. I was asked to do the Alan Jackson version of the following songs. How do you say no to someone who’s just lost their mothers. So I learned the following songs off of Alan Jacksons album titled “precious memories”…

    What a friend we have in Jesus
    How great Thou art
    I want to stroll over heaven with you
    When we all get to heaven
    I saw the light

    I didn’t grow up going to Church on a regular basis and/or learning the old Hymns. The Church I got saved in was very contemporary and didn’t sing any old hymns. Over the last few years, as a Worship Pastor I’ve had people ask me time and time again to do this hymn or that hymn. I’ve always dreaded it because I thought they were outdated, boring, and to be honest, too complex.

    This last week, having to learn all of those hymns and listening to Alan Jacksons version of them, I learned to appreciate them for their rich lyrics. Not to mention, there’s just something about country/bluegrass music that draws you in. It’s like a familiar place that you’ve forgotten about but are so happy to stumble upon once again.

  3. alex mclean Says:

    I did grow up going to church and I recognize alot of those songs. If you would have asked me a few years ago to play them – I would have been like, “no way!”, but I have warmed up to them quite a bit. I like “What a friend we have in Jesus”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “When we all get to Heaven” – of course “I saw the Light” is a favorite now too!

    I wouldn’t play them regularly, but everyonce in a while, throwing one in is cool. Playing them bluegrass style really get’s people into them too!

  4. eric Says:

    We’re doing “Pass me not o gentle Savior” this weekend… the Bart Millard Version from “Hymned No. 1”. Listen to a clip here…

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