worship confessional 1

June 4, 2007

worship confessional 1 – there it is! And just to show that we ain’t scared:

All We Need is You
My Savior My God
On Our Side
Everlasting God
Word of God Speak

05.20.07 (Bluegrass/Acoustic Band)
I’ve Always Loved You
I Saw the Light
Not to Us
Everlasting God
I Exalt Thee
I Love You Lord
I’ll Fly Away

How to Save a Life
The Time has Come
Not to Use
Father Let Me Dedicate
Your Love is Deep

05.06.07 (cool date huh?)
All we Need is You
You Never Let Go
I Stand in Awe of the Presence (How Marvelous)
How Great is Our God
Word of God Speak

All Creatures of Our God and King
Ready Now
Everlasting God

All we Need is You
Everlasting God
Blessed be Your Name
Jesus Paid it All
Word of God Speak

Blessed be Your Name
Everlasting God
How Great is our God
You Never Let Go
Sing to the King

04.08.07 (Easter – also the week we started using PlanningCenterOnline)
Let God Arise
Jesus Paid it All
You Are my King
Christ the Lord is Risen Today (re-arrangement by Alex McLean)
Sing to the King

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6 Responses to “worship confessional 1”

  1. Hey Alex, glad to have you as part of the confessional crew. Keep em going.

  2. alex mclean Says:

    Thanks Victor! I was lookin’ around your site for yours… where is it?

  3. Genius!

    We are keeping a running track of “ways to ruin a worship service” at http://www.worshiptrench.com/?p=42

    For #2 we will link here…hahaha!

  4. […] This one isn’t on us but it is funny. Watch the video here. […]

  5. Jon Says:

    Welcome to the confessions! Great blog.


  6. chrisstout Says:

    That was an awesome first confessional! It is a must do and looking forward to how much fun it’s going to be!

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