McLean Vacation

June 1, 2007

may07As I mentioned earlier, we went up north to attend my Grandpa’s memorial. Here is a little re-cap. If you don’t want to read and just want to see the pictures you can go here.

Day 1: We left around 3:am on Friday morning (it’s not because we are insomniacs, it’s so we can have a few hours of peace while driving. We made it to our destination in about 7 hours which wasn’t bad at all. We checked into our hotel, which Jen hooked up – an amazing room at a great price! (she’s so good at that). We cleaned up, and headed east to Napa (one of our favorite destinations). On the way we stopped at Carl’s Junior where I had the pleasure of enjoying one of the best hamburgers ever: The Grilled Teriyaki Burger. Now I am in no way a big CJ fan – but this burger was amazing! I highly recommend it.

So onto Napa. We got there easily and went to one of our favorite wineries where Macy promptly decided that she was having a bad day, Miles decided to join in. Then I got attacked by pollen and had a huge allergy attack; awesome. We drove thru Napa though and saw some beautiful country while the kids slept. Then back to Sacramento… ha ha, on a Memorial day Friday out of the Bay Area! What were we thinking! A one hour drive turned into three with two very unhappy kids. But we made it back and actually had a great day.

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georgeI won’t be updating for a few days as we head up north to memorialize my Grandpa George, who passed away earlier this year. We were blessed enough to visit him a week before he passed and he got to see his great grandchildren, Miles & Macy. The one thing that I will always remember about my Grandpa is his art – he was an artist from the old school, pen & paper, illustration, commercial art, branding, logos, fine art – and he was good. If you want to know more about him, my dad has put together a memorial webpage for him located here.

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Survived: NAB 2007

April 21, 2007

vossNAB (National Association of Broadcasters), described as “The World’s Largest Electronic Media Show”, was this past week in Las Vegas. We took a group of eight people this year and had a great time. We probably walked over 10 miles a day, filled our brains with more tech talk than we could handle, ate too much, and lost some of our hearing. Some of the highlights from Vegas:

– Visiting the Renewed Vision booth, four times! I think we spent at least 2 hours total talking with these guys. They sell Mac software for worship presentation, lyrics, videos, etc. Check them out here.
– Getting a personalized tour of the Digico mixing console*
– Another personalized tour of Yamaha’s LS-9, M7C, and PM5D digital mixing consoles (we liked the LS-9 for its features and affordability)*
– A personal tour of Aviom, personal monitoring systems*
– The Technologies for Worship pavilion, where they had a live band playing through the Aviom & Digico systems – this was so cool because you could actually put headphones on and create your own personal mix via the Aviom mixer
– The Vista Systems booth, where we checked out a product called “The Spyder” – a very cool (and expensive) solution for video presentation
– The Sony booth (if you can call over 4,000 square feet of gear a booth), where the sales people only spoke Japanese, huh?
– Paying $12.75 for a deli sandwich, $10 for a warm cheeseburger, and $3 for bottled water
– Karl’s $5 bottle of Voss Water (which he didn’t want, and didn’t like)
– Catching Phoenix, an amazing rock cover band, at the New York, New York
– Riding the Desparado at State Line
– Riding the Roller Coaster at New York, New York
– Some really funny stuff on the ride home that I can’t remember because I was so tired

*Special thanks to Greg Smith and the gang at Spectrum Design Group for walking us through the demo’s at NAB

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