Midnight Visitor

June 3, 2007

Jen and I had just finished watching “Letters from Iwo Jima” and were heading up to slip into bed and catch some much needed z’s, when we found this: miles sleeping

Another bad photo taken with my Q (have I mentioned how awkward it is? it takes like 4-5 seconds to change to camera mode!).

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McLean Vacation

June 1, 2007

may07As I mentioned earlier, we went up north to attend my Grandpa’s memorial. Here is a little re-cap. If you don’t want to read and just want to see the pictures you can go here.

Day 1: We left around 3:am on Friday morning (it’s not because we are insomniacs, it’s so we can have a few hours of peace while driving. We made it to our destination in about 7 hours which wasn’t bad at all. We checked into our hotel, which Jen hooked up – an amazing room at a great price! (she’s so good at that). We cleaned up, and headed east to Napa (one of our favorite destinations). On the way we stopped at Carl’s Junior where I had the pleasure of enjoying one of the best hamburgers ever: The Grilled Teriyaki Burger. Now I am in no way a big CJ fan – but this burger was amazing! I highly recommend it.

So onto Napa. We got there easily and went to one of our favorite wineries where Macy promptly decided that she was having a bad day, Miles decided to join in. Then I got attacked by pollen and had a huge allergy attack; awesome. We drove thru Napa though and saw some beautiful country while the kids slept. Then back to Sacramento… ha ha, on a Memorial day Friday out of the Bay Area! What were we thinking! A one hour drive turned into three with two very unhappy kids. But we made it back and actually had a great day.

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