danceWell I may not dance (per se), but I am man enough to admit that I have a new favorite show: So You Think You Can Dance. I am thoroughly addicted after 2 nights. I pretty much thought that my TV watching life was over after last week. No more LOST, 24, The Office, American Idol, Survivor – what’s left? I know, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Until we watched this season of “So You Think You Can Dance” – these people are amazing! Tonight’s episode was the best – there was a robot dancing guy who has scoliosis; he was the best dang robot dancer I have EVER seen (and I have seen a lot!). So I have a new favorite show, a new reason to set my DVR, and a new way to waste an hour in the evening.

We’re watching “The Next Best Thing” as well – and I laughed pretty hard.

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voss“” – Creed

“my first choice: Jack Bauer” – Dwight

“i didn’t get both of your messages” – Micheal

“Defcon 20!” -Michael

“Oh my God!” – Pam

“Swing Low, Sweet Chariots” – Creed

“This is emotionally magnificent” – Michael

“I am what I am… that’s Popeye” – Pam

“I have something no one else has, my brain, which I use to my advantage when advantageous” – Andy

“Your advice was good, but Jan’s was bigger” – Michael

“Who’s ready to work?” – Dwight

“That’s beardy!” – Michael

“This is a Schrute-Buck!” – Dwight

“Amen” – Stanley

“What is the ratio of Stanley nickels to Dwight Schrute-Bucks?” – Dwight

“I did not tell her” – Michael

“I’ll probably get some negative feedback on my Ebay profile” – Michael

“Maybe one day I will find my own Karen, that is ah, uh… you know ah… uh, a man version… I’m not gay” – Pam

“Who was that?”, “No one… You and I are done!”, “What?!” – Kelly & Ryan

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The Office — Playing Dwight Schrute is…Jim Halpert?